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Student Support Office

What is GAA?

It is a structure composed of a set of student support services that promotes concerted action seeking to contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the educational grouping project, namely with regard to the reduction of school failure as well as indiscipline situations.

What is the student follow-up room?

It is one of the student support services, located in block C, room 201 and allows students to be monitored when they show inappropriate behavior and are ordered to leave the classroom.

Objectives of the student follow-up room

  . Keep students pedagogically accompanied by teachers.

  . Through dialogue lead the student to reflect on their behavior in order to change it. This conversation is established through a reception protocol based on the principles of active listening as well as conflict mediation.

  . Detect situations of recurrence of permanence and refer these cases to more specialized support services such as the Office of Special Education, Psychology, Tutoring Program or Health Education Program.

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